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Camping at the Cederberg Oasis

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Camping at Oasis: ( Silence 22h00 )

Electricity and water points.
One million stars - the most amazing experience of starry nights!

Hot and cold water in the ablution block makes having a shower a experience.

Beetle-camp: ( Silence 22h00)

Nestled in the Orange trees , this stone build campsite offers you something different, own bathroom (shower), hot water, gas burner, kitchen with utensils, microwave, toaster + refrigerator, electricity,
Braai and under roof space for whatever the weather gives us.
R250-00 per night(4 people). Your tent.
This is meant to be the ultimate campsite.
palm kamp

Campsite 2, 3, 4, 6 & 7( Silence 22h00)

Electricity and water points.
R200-00 per night in the orange orchard
Our palm leaf campsites can take 4 people. Own braai.
Shared bathrooms.

Showers for Campers at Oasis

Tented Accommodation ( Silence 22h00)

Max 2 people per tent : At Oasis

With bedding - R185 --- R165. per person sharing
Shared bathrooms.

Cave/Visgat Hike
Visgat Cave : Overnight hiking.

Doing this hike, you can overnight at the "Hotel with a Million Stars"
About 3 1/2 hours hiking, offering Bushman paintings en route, this is the hike to get away from people.
Permits at Oasis. R25-00 per person per hike..

Open for March to end of November
Waterhole at Visgat
Breakfast: R30 - R60
Lunch: R30 - R90
Supper: R65 - R165

Steaks are exceptional, it is a must! A very high quality beef, selected from our region. You can choose between Burgers, Chicken Wings - Snitzels 350g, T-Bones 450g, Rumps 350g or Spare Ribs 800g.
  4x4 Bush campsites
We offer a private spot in nature - A gate to close behind you.
Designated fire place. No water - no electricity - No toilet
Come and test your 4x4 camping equipment.
We do have a restaurant and civilization within 500m from you.

So if you want to skip the bush, come and enjoy a hot meal or have a drink at the Oasis
R150 per night .
On long weekends we take a 100% deposit before the booking is confirmed.
Thanks for visiting and don't forget to bookmark us -
even better, become a friend on Facebook.
Credit cards welcome
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